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Embracing Identity: Living Authentically Beyond Labels in LGBTQ Counseling

In today's world, the concept of identity is more fluid and complex than ever before. For members of the LGBTQ community, this complexity comes with unique challenges and opportunities, particularly when it comes to mental health and counseling. In this journey towards understanding and embracing your identity, LGBTQ Counseling plays a pivotal role.

Healing From Within: Different Therapies Tailored to Domestic Abuse Survivors

Domestic trauma affects people from all walks of life. It can profoundly impact one's sense of safety and self. There are many forms of domestic trauma. Some may be physical or verbal acts. Others may involve more subtle means of control through manipulation or threats. However, it manifests and can leave lasting scars.

Coping with the Uncertainty of Chronic Illness

The uncertainty of chronic illness goes beyond the physical symptoms. It involves a constant questioning and worrying about the future, the progression of the disease, the effectiveness of treatments, and the impact on one's life and relationships.

5 Reasons Why Child Counseling Can Benefit Your Family

Children with mental illness can affect their family members and caregivers. Families and caregivers may struggle due to the child's condition.

5 Ways Counseling Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

Mental health consists of your psychological, emotional, and social well-being. Your mental...

How to Know If Your Teenager Needs Counseling

Counseling is a great way to help your teenager work through the troubles they experience in life. However, knowing if they need professional help can be challenging. As a parent, you may be reluctant to take your teen to a stranger.

When Should a Teenager See a Therapist?

The teenage years are arguably some of the most stressful of any parent’s life. Every day, teens face struggles with stress, bullying, gender identity, sexuality, health, family, friendships and more. Sometimes they can work through these issues by themselves, but many could cope much more easily if they had the support and advice of an expert.

What to Expect From Divorce Counseling

Divorce is an emotionally complex event. Divorce counseling is talk therapy that helps couples recognize, explore, and sort out conflicts. The aim is to ensure either partner resolves whether they want a divorce. It also assists you in mapping the way forward after a divorce.

Recovering from Substance Abuse with Counseling

Substance abuse is a complex disease that is estimated to affect upwards of 20 million Americans. However, only a small percentage receive specialized treatment to help them to recover from their condition.

Family Counseling: What to Expect

Are you feeling nervous about your first family counseling session? If so, you are not alone. Uncertainty over what to expect before starting your therapy is normal. Hence, it is vital to know what you are likely to experience. 

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