Divorce is an emotionally complex event. Divorce counseling is talk therapy that helps couples recognize, explore, and sort out conflicts. The aim is to ensure either partner resolves whether they want a divorce. It also assists you in mapping the way forward after a divorce.


What Happens During the Session?


Divorce counseling offers partners a safe and private space where they can discuss challenges. They can talk about unresolved feelings about the relationship and each other. Talking through these issues is a productive part of their journey. It will help them understand themselves better and make intentional decisions that may improve their lives.


There are two parts to divorce counseling:


  • Pre-divorce counseling.
  • Post-divorce counseling.


Pre-divorce Counseling


It occurs before finalizing the divorce. The aim is to help the couple determine if a divorce is the right decision. It also helps the couple navigate the beginning stages of the process after they agree on the divorce. If the two of you have children, this is a crucial stage. Use it to talk to them about the divorce together. Work through the separation amicably and respectfully.


Post-divorce Counseling


Post-divorce counseling occurs after finalizing the divorce, and it helps couples navigate conflicts and ongoing concerns. These can be about finances, children, or schedules. Post-divorce counseling will help you navigate difficult emotions and feelings that do not go away or surface after the divorce.


The First Session


The therapist will begin by getting to know you and your partner. They will share the necessary paperwork for you to fill out. They will also talk with both of you. If you seek divorce counseling as an individual, they will get to know you. They will also share information about themselves and give you time to ask questions.


Subsequent Sessions


Your therapist will help you work through your emotions during subsequent divorce counseling sessions. You will get to understand that you are not alone. They will help you put a brake on destructive thoughts and behavior so that you can understand the reality of the situation. You will also have a shoulder to cry on since there is always a box of tissues at the therapist’s office.


Part of the healing is helping you introspect and find out what you need to do better if there is a next time. You can shift perspective, deal with your anger, and cooperate through things. The counselor will help you with self-care tips.


Self-care Tips


Even as you go through divorce counseling, there are some self-care strategies you need to consider and apply. You need to eat right and exercise. It will get you in shape and feel good about yourself. Exercise helps you get fresh air and deal with depression.


Spend time with people you like being around. Also, pursue activities and hobbies that you enjoy, get enough sleep, and practice positive thinking. All this will help you chart a way forward that will leave you feeling like a new person.


For more information on divorce counseling, call Comprehensive Counseling Services, LLC at (850) 688-2244 to discuss your situation and schedule an appointment.

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