The teenage years are arguably some of the most stressful of any parent’s life. Every day, teens face struggles with stress, bullying, gender identity, sexuality, health, family, friendships and more. Sometimes they can work through these issues by themselves, but many could cope much more easily if they had the support and advice of an expert.



Here are five signs that your teenager could benefit from visiting a therapist.


1 – They are Having Problems at School


Children spend a lot of time at school, and the school environment can be particularly challenging during their teenage years, when hormones, social media and social pressures can combine and cause a huge amount of anxiety and stress.



If your child’s behavior at school has changed dramatically, such as going from being well-behaved to getting in trouble all the time, or their teachers have noticed that they are withdrawing from classroom interaction, struggling at social times or aren’t achieving the grades that they usually are, it may be that there is something happening that a therapist can help with.



2 – There Are Concerns Around Their Friendships


Friendships are one of the most important things to teenagers, so any disruption in their friendship group can have far-reaching consequences. Its normal for kids to change friendship groups as they grow older, develop their personalities and discover what is important to them. However, if your teen is suddenly no longer hanging with their friends, avoiding social functions or doesn’t appear to have any friends, it might be wise to seek the advice of a professional.



3 – Their Mood Swings are Becoming Frequent or Too Hard to Handle


Mood swings are a normal part of adolescence, but if your child is having frequent periods of highs and lows, or their emotions are become excessive and hard for you to handle, professional support may be the best way to try and regain some harmony in your household. Anger and anxiety are two of the most common issues, and if either of these are affecting your teen’s ability to function, disrupting your family life or putting them or anyone else at risk, it’s time to call in a therapist.



4 – Dramatic Changes in Sleep Habits


Teenagers are well-known for having erratic sleep habits, with some staying up all night and then sleeping all day. However, if your adolescent is experiencing dramatic changes in their sleep habits, there could be an underlying issue affecting them. If they seem to be permanently tired, falling asleep in the middle of the day, sleeping much more or less or choosing to sleep instead of taking part in activities, a visit to a therapist is advisable.



5 – Dangerous Behaviors


Just like adults, when a teenager isn’t coping well with life, they can quickly start to develop dangerous and self-destructive behaviors. These can quickly spiral, so it’s important to notice them quickly and arrange for your teenager to get the help that they need before they put themselves at risk. Some of the self-destructive behaviors that can occur in teens include:



  • Self-harming

  • Drinking

  • Taking drugs

  • Excessive risk taking, such as hanging around on train tracks or hitchhiking with strangers



If you suspect any of these behaviors, it’s crucial that you don’t delay and speak to a professional therapist right away.



For more advice on when a teenager should see a therapist, please contact our discreet and knowledgeable team.

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